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Handle a teenager's need to be more responsible

One of the hardest things for many parents to deal with is their children’s demand for more freedoms as they grow into... — Updated 8/10/2018


Good mental health is no different from good physical health

Seeing a physician isn’t embarrassing if someone has the flu, a high fever or other serious health problems. No one criticizes... — Updated 8/6/2018


Don't let alcohol get the best of you

Yes, you enjoy that glass of wine with dinner, or a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon. Is this a problem? In most cases the answe... — Updated 7/30/2018


California's economic prosperity

Though California is the world’s fifth-largest economy, we must expand economic prosperity. With over 20 percent of our... — Updated 7/20/2018 Full story


Are college campus tours part of your summer vacation?

Do your summer plans include one or more visits to campuses of schools being considered by a teen in the family? Such tours can be... — Updated 7/17/2018


Now, what was it I wanted to remember to tell you?

As people grow older, they tend to forget more often than they once did. Although memory loss is a natural part of the aging... — Updated 7/17/2018


Is your summer vacation really a vacation?

A vacation is a chance to get away from the normal routine of work and demands of daily life. When done right, a vacation should... — Updated 7/9/2018


Making that car trip with children less stressful

Summer family vacations are fun, unless you count that part about driving to the... — Updated 7/1/2018


Helping a child handle disappointment

Disappointment comes to everyone. As adults we, hopefully, have learned that when people or activities may sometimes let us down,... — Updated 6/8/2018


Learn to see change as a positive force

Life is full of changes. In business, in families and in relationships with friends, nothing ever stays exactly the same. While... — Updated 6/1/2018


What are some parenting goals?

Being a parent is certainly an experience in extremes. There are times when it can be so fulfilling and rewarding for what has... — Updated 5/22/2018


It's not just age that brings on that midlife crisis

When do people reach midlife? It’s a simple question, but a difficult one to answer. Adolescents may see midlife beginning at... — Updated 5/11/2018


When is it time for a new job?

Whether you're a highly-paid executive or have a lower-level position, you still head to your job each day and try to do your... — Updated 9/26/2018


Staying active promotes better mental health

While the groundhog’s prediction this year of six more weeks of winter was right on target for many parts of the country, now... — Updated 5/14/2018


Yes, sometimes it's good to say, 'No'

Most people, most of the time, want to be nice, to do what is asked and to please those asking for help. They usually try to be... — Updated 4/7/2018


Have you been losing the "joy" in your life?

According to the dictionary, joy is the emotion brought on by well-being, success or good fortune. When we're feeling joy, we're... — Updated 3/19/2018


Know when to ask for help

For most people asking for help can often be difficult. Yes, asking for advice on planting a garden is easy, but for a serious... — Updated 3/7/2018


Laughing your way to better health

There are many factors that can have negative effects on us, but sometimes it's important to focus on those things that can... — Updated 2/16/2018


Valentine's Day – a good excuse to improve a relationship

You may be someone who loves Valentine's Day, is totally indifferent to it or... — Updated 2/10/2018


Learning to listen to the silence

Most of us have surely noticed that today's world is a pretty noisy place. From electronic gadgets, to the sounds of traffic, to... — Updated 2/2/2018


Fighting the winter blahs

Yes, on a chilly winter day it can feel really good to curl up with a good book or binge on that favorite TV series. While such... — Updated 1/19/2018


How to handle workplace disagreements

While everyone all has multiple relationships through their family and friends, for most people, the relationships in which they... — Updated 1/11/2018


Be a weight loss helper, not a hinderer

Know someone trying to lose weight as one of their new year’s resolutions? Probably yes, since weight loss is traditionally the... — Updated 1/7/2018


Are your kids prepared to handle drug temptations?

It can be difficult for parents to talk seriously with their children about certain issues, especially sex or drugs. And while the... — Updated 1/7/2018


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