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  • Re: 'An infrastructure program is what's needed' [Village News, Reardon letter, 8/12/20]

    Joseph Schembri|Updated Sep 4, 2020

    Mike Reardon railed at my discussion of the failures of “Obamacare,” the Holy Grail. He seems to have missed mentioning some of the most important points of my letter, namely blatant lies of former President Barack Obama that you could keep your doctor and your plan, and Jonathan Gruber’s laughing at how easily they “fooled” the American people with a health plan they knew would not work. Obviously, Mr. Reardon is one of their victims. He mentions how many people “lost” coverage because President Donald Trump made “Obamaca...

  • Re: 'An infrastructure program is what's needed' [Village News, Letter, 7/16/20]

    Joseph Schembri|Updated Jul 30, 2020

    Mr. Terrell keeps trying to defend “Obamacare,” aka Affordable Care Act, which is a misnomer. He said the Republicans “have nothing to replace it.” Yes, they do; it’s called capitalism. Anyone who’s been paying attention, knows “Obamacare” is the first important step to socialism; control the people’s money, which is one-fifth of the economy, and health care. Registered Republican? There’s no heart for you. You get no choice of providers or appointment dates. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” “If you like...