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 By Julie Reeder    Opinion 

The most amazing chance encounter in Bonsall

I had the privilege of meeting an amazingly intelligent and interesting man one... — Updated 5/12/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Colbert and national media miss the mark again

While the national news and late night talk shows are making fun of Temecula City... — Updated 5/5/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Regional
Jeff Hewitt

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt lays out platform for governor run

Riverside County 5th District Supervisor Jeff Hewitt outlined why he is running... — Updated 5/5/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

The difference between equality and equity

There is a lot of discussion around equity these days. Equality and equity can... — Updated 4/28/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Why would a young, bright successful guy go on a suicide mission?

Last Friday, Noah Green, age 25, went on a rampage ramming his car into two... — Updated 4/26/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

'If masks don't work, why do surgeons wear them?'

Dr. Jim Meehan, a surgeon who has performed over 10,000 surgeries wearing a... — Updated 4/21/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Corporate actions, political disinformation is hypocritical and destructive

I was surprised when President Joe Biden made the claim that Georgia’s... — Updated 4/14/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion
Nicholas Meriwether

Free speech vs. compelled speech

The 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of professor Nicholas... — Updated 4/1/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Distracted by Mr. Potato Head while Rome burns

While our culture is in division and we are distracted with first world issues... — Updated 3/24/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Cancel Culture imperils America's very existence as a free nation

It’s been a big week for cancel culture. Six books by Dr. Seuss fell victim,... — Updated 3/10/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Are we living in a culture of fear?

Are we living in a culture of fear? What has happened to our American... — Updated 3/3/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Censored doctors, as it turns out, were right

We are hearing stories locally about people going to the hospital with COVID-19... — Updated 3/1/2021

Foundation clients Madeline and Irene

STEM provides kindness for seniors during Kindness Challenge Week

From Jan. 25 through 29, Fallbrook STEM Academy students in grades K-6... — Updated 2/11/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Watch the impeachment political theater yourself – skip the nightly news

So as of press time on Tuesday, we are starting the second impeachment trial of... — Updated 2/10/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Biden's first day executive order brings discrimination against our daughters

After watching the inauguration, I was interested and had a spark of hope to see... — Updated 2/4/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Re: 'Regarding national news in the Village News'

Mr. Egkan, this is a lot of ground to cover, but I want to give you the respect... — Updated 1/27/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Village News is 97 percent local news and, yes, it is trusted and award-winning journalism

Barry, you are saddened by the “shift to the extreme right” because of Dr.... — Updated 1/25/2021 Full story

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Conflict journalist reports Capitol storming led by Antifa agent provocateurs

It was reported by The Washington Post that the “first wave of protesters... — Updated 1/14/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Our superpower is a reason for hope in 2021

Despite the huge setbacks globally in 2020, I am hopeful for 2021. Mostly it’s... — Updated 1/7/2021

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Billions of people around the world stand with the "deplorables"

December 30, 2020 While many people in the U.S. complain that their president... — Updated 1/1/2021 Full story

 By Julie Reeder    National

Trump Pardons 49 people; far less than any other modern president

According to Pew Research, President Trump has granted clemency less frequently... — Updated 12/26/2020 Full story

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

YouTube now censors dissenting views

After a complete and coordinated media blackout of news that might shed a... — Updated 12/23/2020

 By Julie Reeder    National

An overview of last week's post-election court cases, hearings, affidavits, testimony, press conferences and rallies

As of press time on Tuesday here are some highlights of last week’s... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

A 1,000-foot view of what's going on right now

So much is going on from a national point of view that is not being reported in m... — Updated 12/2/2020

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Investigating possible fraud and corruption is the best medicine for unity

This week as I watched a press conference from five high-powered attorneys argue... — Updated 11/24/2020


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