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Trails deemed highest PLDO priority for Fallbrook

Joe Naiman Village News Reporter Park Land Development Ordinance fees are collected from developers to fund park improvements in... — Updated 8/6/2021


FCPG recommends road improvements

Joe Naiman Village News Reporter The Fallbrook Community Planning Group provided a list of recommended road improvements which will... — Updated 7/29/2021


Planning group, Jack in the Box reach signage compromise

Joe Naiman Village News Reporter During the July 19 meeting of the Fallbrook Community Planning Group, the planning group members... — Updated 7/29/2021

 By Joe Naiman    News

Fallbrook CPG adopts social media policy, approves website and Facebook page

The Fallbrook Community Planning Group adopted a policy for social media use involving official planning group matters while also... — Updated 7/29/2021

 By Kim Murphy    Community

Real Estate Round-Up: R is for response

Last week I wrote about questions and how important it is for sellers and buyers... — Updated 7/10/2021 Full story

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Round-Up: Q is for question(s)

Imagine doing something for the first time, every 5 to 20 years? You would feel... — Updated 7/2/2021 Full story

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Round-up: P is for Prop 19

Prop 19 went into effect on April 1, 2021. This proposition just narrowly passed... — Updated 6/23/2021

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Round-Up: O is for occupancy

This year, I have been going through the alphabet, writing an article each week... — Updated 6/16/2021

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Round-Up: N is for negotiating part 2

Last week I focused on how important negotiating is when a Realtor represents a... — Updated 6/9/2021 Full story

 By Joe Naiman    Community

FCPG prefers homes to complete Peppertree Park

The Fallbrook Community Planning Group was asked to choose whether a 6.7-acre undeveloped segment of the Peppertree Park planned... — Updated 6/2/2021

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Round-Up: N is for negotiating

The real estate market is on fire! There are very few homes for sale, so... — Updated 6/2/2021 Full story

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Round-Up: M is for moving day

Moving day actually begins well before the actual day the moving truck shows up.... — Updated 5/19/2021 Full story

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Roundup: L is for liens

A lien on property is something that financially burdens the property. Past due... — Updated 5/12/2021 Full story

 By Rick Monroe    News
Chris and Kim Murphy

For Murphy & Murphy, real estate is still personal

Chris and Kim Murphy of Murphy & Murphy Southern California Realty have a... — Updated 5/12/2021


Real Estate Round-Up: L is for lobbying (for you)

I bet when you think of Reators you don’t think of lobbying as part of our job.... — Updated 5/5/2021 Full story


Real Estate Round-Up: K is for knowledge

Knowledge is comprised of many facets. Knowledge is fact based. It is based on... — Updated 4/28/2021

 By Kim Murphy    Community

Real Estate Round-Up: J is for jerk

Over the 24 years I’ve sold real estate, I have often thought of writing a book... — Updated 4/21/2021 Full story


Real Estate Round-Up: I is for insurance

I touched on the subject of insurance previously, when I addressed the positive... — Updated 4/14/2021 Full story


Real Estate Round-Up: H is for home hardening

How many of you have heard the term “home hardening?” It has nothing to do wi... — Updated 3/24/2021 Full story


Real Estate Round-Up: G is for guest house

Guest house has a new name: Accessory Dwelling Unit. I don’t know if this new... — Updated 3/17/2021 Full story


Real Estate Round-Up: F is for Fair Housing

For nearly as long as I’ve been writing my column, the topic of the shortage... — Updated 3/10/2021 Full story


Real Estate Round-Up: Extension of time

What exactly does extension of time mean? If I’m parking my car at a meter... — Updated 3/3/2021


Real Estate Round-Up: D is for disclosure

The word “disclosure” is a noun that means the action of making new or... — Updated 2/26/2021


Planning group creates ad hoc committee on marijuana dispensaries, calls March 1 special meeting

The Fallbrook Community Planning Group docketed a proposed letter to the county on the planned revision of the marijuana... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By Joe Naiman    Lifestyles

Planning group supports additional Campus Park homes

Passerelle LLC, which owns the land where the Campus Park development is planned, will be undergoing the process to convert some... — Updated 2/24/2021


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