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Julian Assange case may have serious implications for journalists

Julie Reeder Publisher Some consider Julian Assange a traitor, while others support him as a hero for his aid to government corrupt... — Updated 6/8/2022 Full story


Beating the deadline

Assemblymember Marie Waldron District 75 May 27 was the “House of Origin Deadline,” the final day for bills to pass out from... — Updated 6/1/2022 Full story


Why are our leaders still allowed to trade stocks?

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, we can all agree that our representatives in Congress shouldn’t be able to use their... — Updated 6/1/2022 Full story


Attention please

As a subscriber and dedicated reader of the Village News, I want to encourage our residents to support the excellent and superior... — Updated 5/26/2022 Full story


More taxes coming?

Supervisor Jim Desmond 5th District Last week, a group called Let's Go San Diego submitted signatures with hopes of getting a half-... — Updated 5/26/2022 Full story


Hillary Clinton implicated in 'disinformation' campaign during Durham trial

Julie Reeder Publisher On Friday, May 20, the Wall Street Journal editorial board published a piece on the Durham-Sussman trial... — Updated 5/26/2022 Full story


Youth sports grants

Supervisor Jim Desmond 5th District Last year, I introduced an effort at the Board of Supervisors to waive youth sports fees in... — Updated 5/18/2022 Full story


Kicking It in an unsafe place

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal Special to The Village News The tell is in the arch of the swing. It signifies the lightning quick... — Updated 5/18/2022 Full story


CDC shows COVID shots unnecessary for children

Julie Reeder Publisher Now that Big Pharma is firmly in bed with the Food and Drug Administration, children’s COVID vaccines... — Updated 5/18/2022 Full story


An unconvinced resident about detaching from the San Diego County Water Authority

I attended the Joint Town Hall Meeting hosted by Fallbrook Public Utilities District and Rainbow Municipal Water District May 2.... — Updated 5/18/2022 Full story


Re: 'In response to Terrell's and Zajic's letters' [Village News, Parmenter letter, 5/5/22]

Mr. Parmenter, as an acknowledged young person, should be encouraged to participate in public discussions, but in a civil manner.... — Updated 5/18/2022 Full story


A reliable water supply is necessary

Rarely do things stay the same. They either get better or they get worse. The reliability of our water supply is getting worse and... — Updated 5/18/2022 Full story


Homelessness: proven solutions

Assemblymember Marie Waldron District 75 California has 12% of the nation’s population, yet we have 30% of the nation’s... — Updated 5/18/2022 Full story


Student exchanges available

American Field Service has been a leader in the field of student exchange for more than 60 years. Each year we like to place one... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story


Response to Zajic and Parmenter letters

To Mr. Zajic, please re-read my letter April 21 addressed to you and Mr. Terrell. So when I am addressing Mr. Terrell you have mist... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story


Ending gas tax is best way to help Californians

Supervisor Jim Desmond 5th District I wanted to give you the latest news as gas prices continue to rise across San Diego County.... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story


Abort! Abort!

The bomb-shell leak of Judge Alito’s draft opinion shows SCOTUS’s true colors: flaming, far right red. It is 98 pages of... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story


Where there is risk, there must be choice

Julie Reeder Publisher The California Senate Judiciary Committee voted 7-0 to allow minors to be vaccinated without parental... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story

 By Kim Murphy    Opinion

Real Estate Round-Up: For the times, they are a-changin'

Come gather ‘round people, wherever you roam And admit that the waters around... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story


Fallbrook Joe – What a Show!

It certainly was a “grand night for singing,” while enjoying the story of Fallbrook Joe and his Magic Caboose! Congratulations... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story


Immediate relief at the pump would help strapped residents

Assemblymember Marie Waldron District 75 The cost of gasoline continues to spiral out of control. Gas prices rose by 38% last... — Updated 5/11/2022 Full story


Why we need a Community Benefit Program

Our Village has been enhanced over the years by dedicated volunteers and nonprofit organizations who have beautified our community... — Updated 5/5/2022 Full story


Drowning can be prevented

Supervisor Jim Desmond 5th District We are blessed to live in a region that borders the Pacific Ocean and also has many pools throu... — Updated 5/5/2022 Full story


The new 'Ministry of Truth'

Julie Reeder Publisher Last week, the Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas... — Updated 5/5/2022 Full story


Re: 'Is America in her final days?' [Village News, Lewis & Maynard letters, 4/28/22]

Wow! Looks like I kicked a lot of sacred cows. I hadn't fully realized how little California Republicans know about what’s... — Updated 5/5/2022 Full story


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