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Re: "Bogus investigation was a waste" [Village News letter 8/8/19]

It is difficult to understand how anyone's brain can be so mired in the mud as to be blind to the investigations and findings of... — Updated 8/16/2019


Our transparent President

Is Trump the most transparent president we’ve ever had? He says he is. Is he lying? Lying implies intent. Considering the rate... — Updated 8/16/2019


Hello fellow residents of Fallbrook

I am fairly new to Fallbrook. My husband and I moved here from St. Louis, Missouri two years ago to retire and live in one of the... — Updated 8/16/2019


SoCal's water portfolio

This region has made tremendous strides toward diversifying its water portfolio.... — Updated 8/16/2019


Firefighters put their lives on the line

We often take many things for granted. The beautiful county we live in, the opportunities we are given and, most importantly, prote... — Updated 8/12/2019


Time for impeachment

Mueller’s testimony to Congress made it clear: it’s time for an impeachment inquiry. Hearing Mueller describe the extent of Tru... — Updated 8/12/2019


Bogus investigation was a waste

Now that we all know that the whole Russia investigation was false, fake, fabricated and paid for by Team Hillary, it is time... — Updated 8/12/2019


Be a dream maker

Emotional abuse and hate mail damage the heart. Do words really hurt? Did you ever hear the words "I don’t love you" or "your... — Updated 8/12/2019


Helping wildlife

Caring for animals, including California’s native wildlife, is one of my passions. Last session my legislation setting up the... — Updated 8/12/2019


Re: 'Affordable Care Act – revisit absurdum' [Village News, Miller letter, 7/25/19]

Under the aegis of “Obamacare,” I have MediCare and a basic MediCare Advantage plan: works for me. I think of it much as I do... — Updated 8/5/2019


Thank you for donated toys

The Care ‘n Share Toy Drive 2019, a project of Torrey Pines Rotary Club, is pleased to announce distribution of over 12,850 new a... — Updated 8/5/2019


RE: 'Neighbors at odds over a herpetoculture business' permit application' [Village News 7/18/19]

Dear Mr. Pack, I would like to offer some insight and another perspective to your above-noted article. I am a friend of Rommie... — Updated 8/5/2019


RE: 'Neighbors at odds over a herpetoculture business' permit application' [Village News 7/18/19]

Dear Jeff, After reading your article I felt compelled to write you and express my view concerning the use of property permit in... — Updated 8/5/2019


Streamlining discretionary permitting process would make housing more affordable

We all know housing affordability is a problem in San Diego County. Housing affordability is a complex issue that is a result of... — Updated 8/5/2019


Reunion committee says 'Thank you'

While it seems just yesterday the class of 1989 graduated from Fallbrook High School, it’s been 30 years. And after celebrating... — Updated 8/5/2019


Relief is on the way

People who drive Interstate 15 in southwest Riverside or northern San Diego Count... — Updated 8/5/2019


Little children

Be an example, set the bar for the little ones to follow, little children are watching what us grown ups are doing and saying, so... — Updated 7/29/2019


Proposed changes to agricultural visa program show promise, farm leader says

The California Farm Bureau Federation Special to Village News As farmers in California and elsewhere around the country try to... — Updated 7/29/2019


What kind of America do we want?

Watching the throngs of Americans chanting “send her back” as our president basked in their message of support for his tweet... — Updated 7/29/2019


Re: 'Affordable Care Act – revisit ad absurdum' [Village News Terrell Letter, 7/11/19]

We will never agree on government run Medicare Health Care for All, so to save my sanity I’m done. I just pray I get to keep my... — Updated 7/29/2019


Supervisors Gaspar and Desmond rail against SANDAG's congestion pricing scheme

NORTH SAN DIEGO COUNTY – A North County coalition held a news conference Wednesday to explain how SANDAG’s proposed new... — Updated 7/29/2019


Arts and Culture in California

The California Arts Council has established 14 state-designated Cultural... — Updated 7/29/2019


Good job, Graybill

I was coasting down Main Street Friday, July 5, around midday on my bike past the Angel Shop like I have done a thousand times... — Updated 7/19/2019


We must protect American horses from slaughter

Our country was founded with horses. Pioneers, ranchers and farmers depended on horses for their survival and prosperity. Family... — Updated 7/19/2019


Emergency Response

California is no stranger to natural and man-made emergencies. The recent quakes... — Updated 7/19/2019


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