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Proposed budget to increase services while remaining fiscally prudent

Jim Desmond San Diego County Supervisor This is an important few weeks for the County of San Diego. Although it’s my first year a... — Updated 6/24/2019


Saluting REINS as the 75th Assembly District Nonprofit of the Year

I joined 119 state Senators and Assemblymembers on the South Lawn of the Capitol... — Updated 6/24/2019


Re: 'Affordable Care Act – revisit ad absurdum' [Village News Miller Letter, 6/6/19]

It’s funny how some people bristle at the mention of socialized medicine but have no problem with socialized militarism, a big... — Updated 6/17/2019


Senate bill to decide medical exemptions

LOS ANGELES – The Vaccine Injury Awareness League’s mission is to ignite compassion, understanding and respect in the area of... — Updated 6/17/2019


Re: In reply to "We need freeways and roads" [Village News letter, 6/6/19]

I absolutely agree with San Diego Supervisor Jim Desmond that we need improvements to freeways and roads. I absolutely disagree wit... — Updated 6/17/2019


Help for youth addiction

Every two days a young person in California dies from an opioid overdose. More... — Updated 6/17/2019


Sacramento Update

This year over 2,900 bills were introduced in the state Legislature, an... — Updated 6/6/2019


In reply to "We need freeways and roads"

The supervisor is out of touch with the scope and complexity of our climate and housing issues. We need bold leadership to take on... — Updated 6/6/2019


Re: 'Affordable Care Act- revisit ad absurdum' [Village News Terrell letter, 5/23/19]

Socialized medicine is where we all pay more to get less, so everyone can have access to medical care run by the government.... — Updated 6/6/2019


We're lucky to live in Fallbrook

I would like to share some thoughts about Fallbrook. At a recent school Grandparents Day Luncheon, I met a couple from Orange... — Updated 6/6/2019


Our amazing community gives Fallbrook Riders Field a facelift

Fallbrook Riders Field, a community equestrian facility situated off Stage Coach Lane, is a community treasure which is run and... — Updated 6/6/2019


Kay Bettis

Kay Bettis, formerly of Fallbrook, died May 21, after a heroic battle with Parkinson’s disease. While in Fallbrook, Kay... — Updated 6/6/2019


Enjoy our agricultural bounty

The northern San Diego County region plays a big part in making California the... — Updated 5/31/2019


Dear editor,

I am writing to alert the public that a panel of state senators recently gutted common-sense legislation to protect everyone’s... — Updated 5/31/2019


Is anyone missing chicken eggs?

Not long ago I was ambling down my driveway to get my morning paper. I glanced down to see an apparently unbroken chicken egg on... — Updated 5/31/2019


To the man who returned my wallet

Tuesday afternoon, I popped into Joe’s Hardware to pick up a few items. Upon returning to my truck, I noticed a puddle... — Updated 5/28/2019


To the man who returned my wallet

Tuesday afternoon, I popped into Joe’s Hardware to pick up a few items. Upon returning to my truck, I noticed a puddle... — Updated 5/28/2019


It was a memorable Mother's Day in Fallbrook

What a wonderful start to my Mother’s Day weekend – seeing a classic move, “I Remember Mama,” starring Irene Dunne at our... — Updated 5/28/2019


To the editor,

You have to hand it to trees. After five years of continual abuse and neglect, thanks to an occasional timely rain, the two liquid... — Updated 5/28/2019


Re: 'Affordable Care Act – revisit ad absurdum' [Village News Miller letter, 5/16/19]

The author of the letter I’m rebutting calls Medicare for All “socialized medicine;” it’s not. Conservatives tend to... — Updated 5/28/2019


Keeping promises, spending wisely

Gov. Gavin Newsom just released his “May Revise,” which updates the... — Updated 5/28/2019


AFS seeks host families

AFS, formerly the American Field Service, has been a leader in the field of student exchange for more than 60 years. Each year... — Updated 5/28/2019


We need freeways and roads

We are at a crucial point in the future of San Diego County. There seems to be a growing trend of pushing people out of their cars... — Updated 5/28/2019


SANDAG failed to deliver on road and highway improvements

SAN DIEGO – San Diego Supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Jim Desmond said San Diego Association of Governments failed to deliver on... — Updated 5/17/2019


Re: 'Affordable Care Act – revisit ad absurdum' [Village News Terrell letter, 5/9/19]

First off, the name is deceiving, it is not affordable and is horrible coverage. Do not be duped into believing that “Medicare... — Updated 5/17/2019


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