Teacher's union wants control


Last updated 10/20/2006 at Noon

One recent Letter to the Editor in the North County Times, written on behalf of the hand-picked candidates for the teacher’s union, warned high school superintendent Tom Anthony to “Be afraid; be very afraid.” Presumably that means if the teacher’s union candidates are elected.

So here’s my question: Afraid of what? Being fired? Fired for what? Because the teacher’s union doesn’t like him? It simply doesn’t work that way!

So what will happen if the teacher’s union candidates are elected? The answer is pretty clear. The teacher’s union is so determined to get rid of Mr. Anthony and replace him with someone they can control that they’ll blindly want to spend several hundred thousand dollars to buy out the remaining years of his contract. Money that could be better spent on our children. And yes, on teachers too!

Oh, and why does Mr. Anthony have several more years left on his contract? The answer is because the publicly elected Board of Trustees gave him a multi-year contract. Not because he is popular with the teacher’s union but because he is doing an outstanding job for our children and the entire district.

C. Dobbs


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