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Last updated 11/17/2006 at Noon

The American people delivered the Democrats an opportunity to show what we’re all about. At least, that’s how I see it. Not so much a massive victory, but a massive and unique opportunity.

We have the opportunity to show that we have common ground with social, religious and fiscal conservatives. I pledge to push my elected Democrats to enact laws to limit the influence of money in politics, limit the out-of-control spending, balance the budget, eliminate voting irregularities that produce contested elections, create an alternative energy policy, work toward affordable healthcare for all Americans, support educational opportunities for all Americans, contribute to a fresh approach to the war in Iraq and provide for real security for our country and the world.

If you can get past how talking heads on the right have defined Democrats — “cut and run” spendthrifts who love the terrorists, abortion and immorality — you will find us pretty reasonable people. The next Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has pledged to introduce legislation in her first 100 hours to increase the national minimum wage to $7.25, enact the remaining recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and allow Medicare to use their substantial buying power to negotiate lower prices with the pharmaceutical companies. Not exactly a radical agenda.

I even see hope that we will find common ground about Iraq. It has been reported that the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group will recommend to President Bush a strategic redeployment of our troops and cease police work within Iraq. This is what Rep. Murtha and other Democrats recommended some time ago — and it makes the most sense. It has now been widely acknowledged that the war was a mistake, and with the “resignation” of Sec. Rumsfeld, we can now agree that the post- invasion policy and implementation was a mistake. A new direction is possible that will help the Iraqis regain control of their country and take American troops out of harm’s way.

I hope there will be a real recognition that by working together we can achieve a greater good.

Jon Monday


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