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Last updated 1/11/2007 at Noon

A reported increase in robbery in San Diego County is an excellent barometer of the state of the economy. Always is – always will be! When the poorer segment of our population have no adequate legal income (e.g. a decent paying job), they will always find a way to put gas in their cars and food on their tables.

It does no good for this administration to claim we have a “booming” economy when their barometer is based on the stock market, the Wall Street Journal and the number of unemployed. All that claptrap means is that the top few percent of our population is doing great – rolling in wealth, in fact – and that there is a myriad of minimum-wage jobs available for the rest of us. What it doesn’t mean, however, is that decent jobs in manufacturing (with all the attendant advantages, such as retirement and health care benefits) are plentiful for all bread-winners who need them.

I’m not a Communist or even a Socialist; in fact, I’m a registered Republican. I do believe, though, that one’s country and the wellbeing of its people come before personal greed and the bottom line. I’ve been called Utopian and I willingly accept that term. It’s far better to strive for the betterment of the human condition than to hold the jaundiced view that all poor people are fundamentally lazy and dishonest.

Robert F. Green


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