High school group needs help raising funds for children in Uganda


Last updated 2/22/2007 at Noon

Hey, Fallbrook! We would like to inform you of something truly awesome that’s going on at Fallbrook High School.

Recently, we joined a program called Schools for Schools, a campaign by Invisible Children. For those who don’t know, Invisible Children was started about four years ago after three college students traveled to Northern Uganda in Africa and filmed a documentary capturing the rebel force’s mass abduction of children. These children were then forcibly placed into the rebel’s army, where they became child soldiers.

After 20 years, the fighting has ceased and now there is a desperate need to rebuild schools for these children. Their 2007 campaign, called Schools for Schools, links a school in the US with a “sister school” in Northern Uganda, for whom we raise money. It is also a competition; the school in each “cluster” of 20 schools that raises the most money will win a trip to go to Uganda!

Fallbrook High School is fundraising for Sacred Heart Secondary School and all money raised goes directly to Uganda. We are so excited to be impacting our world through this program.

It is hoped that each school will raise at least $10,000, but being that we are amazingly superb, we are determined to exceed that amount. Our fundraising ideas include a huge recycling program (which has already begun), making and selling bracelets (also a success so far), making and selling hats and shirts and organizing events such as car washes, bake sales and a school dance to benefit Uganda.

As great a job as I know we high-schoolers can do, I am convinced we could do far better with our community’s help. Any donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated and any help with our fundraising ideas would be fantastic. We would love to see Fallbrook come together to improve the lives of thousands of kids who deserve an education.

For more information, visit http://s4s.invisiblechildren.com. On this Web site you can track our school’s progress, donate money to our school’s funds and learn about Sacred Heart Secondary School in Uganda. Thanks!

Fallbrook High School’s

“Schools for Schools” Group


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