CROP Walk March 25


Last updated 3/15/2007 at Noon

FALLBROOK — On March 25, rain or shine, hundreds of people will walk just like poor people walk for water, firewood and food an average of five kilometers (3.2 miles) per day. The difference: Fallbrook’s streets are paved, its residents have bottled water, they do not have to go to a well and the water is safe. One billion people do not have safe water to drink. They get diarrhea and, in many cases, die. Another few thousand die each day of malaria. In sub-Sahara Africa, over 6,000 die each day of HIV-AIDS and thousands more die of hunger.

The CROP Walk raised $72,000 last year. Twenty-five percent stayed in town for the Fallbrook Food Pantry. The last few years, the county has matched local contributions. Therefore, each dollar grows to $1.25, of which 50 cents help local needy people. The Fallbrook Food Pantry provided more than 60,000 meals last year.

The CROP Walk has helped millions since 1946. Participants walk to help communities dig wells, provide mosquito nets, build clinics and support education for children and farmers. Besides emergency relief and helping refugees, they are active in helping the poor become self-sustaining. Their activities are in 80 countries and the work is organized by local activists. The community determines what the greatest needs are.

Of the 2,000 nationwide CROP Walks, the Fallbrook walk is the largest on the West Coast. Organizers feel this says something about the compassion of Fallbrook residents. Please sign up at a local church or call the Fallbrook Food Pantry at (760) 728-7608 or Herman VandenBosch at (760) 728-3036.


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