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Let's get real, Joe Crews


Last updated 3/15/2007 at Noon

The reason you don’t want to respond to my letters toward you is because you know it would be a losing cause and just reveal to the public how mistaken you are. The truth hurts sometimes. I do address issues with facts in a civil manner. When have I ever used explicit speech? I do practice civil discourse in my letters. You’re the one who writes opinion letters with absent facts. Don’t let your anger get the best of you just because someone tells you you’re wrong. Please grow some thicker skin.

How do you compare southern plantation owners with today’s economy? You never cease to amaze me. So let me get this straight, you are comparing a slave to a minimum wage worker. There is no comparison.

How can you say that Reaganomics diminished the country? Reaganomics was one of the best things that happened to our country. If you’re saying that you disliked Reaganomics, you’re telling me that you like things such as inflation and unemployment.

Issa opposed the minimum wage increase in California because he knew it was not in our state’s best interest. Issa’s opposition of the minimum wage increase had nothing to do with decreasing profits from his campaign contributors. Last time I checked, I believe Campaign Finance Reform acts regulated campaign contributors.

I am as middle class as you can get. I am the son of an enlisted military family. I know the middle class; I am the middle class.

A CEO should earn more than the average worker who just contributes to the success of a corporation. After all, the CEO was the entrepreneur of the business and should be highly paid. Without the CEO, there would be no business or jobs created. So you’re saying we should pay the garbage man more than the CEO of the company? The trash man does contribute to the success of the company. Is that your argument? That’s ludicrous!!!

I have a letter refuting Jon Monday’s letter which I will send next week.

David Meyers


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