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Retirement did not sit well with Peter Particelli, owner of Koala Motors. “I decided that staying home wasn’t for me. I just got bored.” Aside from doing tasks around the home, Particelli admitted he was not really doing much.

“My wife was finding stuff for me to do around the house. If I was going to work at home, I’d might as well work here [Koala Motors] and make some money,” he said with a slight grin.

What Particelli missed most about working was the friendly interaction with his customers. He claims he has been a people person throughout his whole life, and to not have that type of ongoing contact every day was a real shock to his system.

Beginning at the age of 9, Particelli worked at his father’s auto repair shop in Boston after school. “I was rebuilding automatic transmissions when I was 11 and a half years old.”

Particelli has repaired both domestic and international automobiles all his life. Currently, he is rebuilding a customized 400-horsepower 1966 Mustang GT. In addition, his qualifications include the building of racecars and motorcycles. This type of resume highlights why owning a pre-owned vehicle business comes so naturally to Particelli.

Particelli assures each and every one of his customers that they will be driving away from his car lot with a sound vehicle. Not only will the car be initially examined by Particelli, but his son, Eric, owner of Peter’s Auto Center, will inspect the vehicle as well.

“Eric puts [cars] on a lift and they do a safety check. They do everything.” Every car on the Koala lot has a 30-day minimum warranty.

Particelli has a wide range of vehicles to meet every budget. His selection ranges in price from $3,000 to $9,000.

“And if a customer doesn’t see what they want here, I can find it for them,” assured Particelli.

On a weekly basis, Particelli goes to auto auctions, keeping a keen eye out for a good buy. He prides himself in selling quality vehicles.

Particelli has seen a lot of used car lots come and go. He believes that his business differs from the other pre-owned car businesses in the area because, he says, he is not just a salesperson, he is an adept mechanic.

For Particelli, building a relationship with his clients is the key. “I offer people friendly service, warranties and satisfaction. I have a very good rapport with my customers. Our reputation is unbelievable.”

More importantly, Particelli makes certain that people are truly happy with their vehicle choice before they drive away. One thing he will never do is pressure a client in the midst of a potential sale. Particelli said this is not the way he conducts business. He cares for the small town of Fallbrook and the people who live here.

Koala Motors is located at 218 West Fig Street, Fallbrook. The business may be reached by phone at (760) 723-0225.


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