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I wondered what the proper description for Jim Dooley’s 4/5/07 letter is and the only conclusion that I can come to is that it is simply a diatribe.

We live in an imperfect world and, after the fact, it is always easy to see where the results of an action taken could have been better and we can suppose that another action would have been superior. But that may not necessarily be so. It is possible that what now seems like a better choice might have produced a poorer result. An engineer can test his design and make corrections if it doesn’t work. Life is not like that. We don’t get to go back and try another option. We have to move forward from where we are today.

Everyone can agree that all has not gone well in Iraq. However, I would like to hear something positive from the complainers instead of the continual carping. If the “terrorists” would simply stop their killing and embrace the democratic system, the problem is solved. We are trying to have that happen.

How about some answers to these questions? Should we simply pack up and come home? If we do, how will you justify all the killing of innocent people, which is the hallmark of terrorist control? And what will occur in the other countries in the region between the two main Islamic sects, Sunni and Shia?

To complain about Attorney General Gonzalez takes a lot of chutzpah after Clinton’s Janet Reno. And what about Senator Feinstein resigning from the Appropriations Committee when word leaked about all the government contracts that went to her husband’s firm?

Of course, the liberal press is not likely to make much of an issue of that, or of all the favors by Senator Reid for firms that helped his sons. Again, the press shrugs that off as not important. The Democrats have a double standard. They can always find ways to rationalize behavior of Democrats for which they excoriate Republicans.

Electing Democrats is like going from the frying pan into the fire!

Glen Holzhausen


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