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“Oh, my gosh! It’s so good!”

Joni Wilhelm, new owner of The Lace Apron, cannot help but smile when her patrons make such an exuberant verbal testimonial about her very own Cilantrocado Sauce. This type of customer cheer gives Wilhelm the same type of elation as the day she won first place in the Most Creative Avocado Dish: Professional Category at the Fallbrook Avocado Festival in 2004.

Before Wilhelm purchased The Lace Apron, the only way people could taste her mouthwatering sauce was when she had her personal chef service. When the Avocado Festival of 2004 drew near and Wilhelm decided to join the professional category, she made some alterations to a sauce she already used in her business.

“I had a dip that I used to make which was the base for it, and I just added to it and made my Cilantrocado Sauce,” she said, adding that it took her about a dozen tries before she got the recipe. However, being the culinary perfectionist even after her acclaimed win, she made some more seasoning enhancements to the recipe.

Wilhelm mentioned that the aroma of her sauce is quite distinctive. It does not have the properties of a hot salsa, which places it in a league of its own.

“The combination of the spices and cilantro make it a pleasingly piquant flavor,” she said. In fact, this “pleasingly piquant flavor” is part of Wilhelm’s Cilantrocado Sauce logo.

Wilhelm tells her clientele that this sauce can be used in numerous ways. When she created it for the Fallbrook Avocado Festival contest, she actually thinned it and served it as a unique salad dressing.

“In its original state, I use it as my signature dip for parties,” she said. Aside from using it as a sauce for a crudités platter, Wilhelm stated that when warmed, it can be paired with baked or grilled chicken and/or fish. She also admitted the sauce looks wonderful on salmon, since the color of Cilantrocado is a pale green, making it a lovely presentation.

In order to compliment this luscious Cilantrocado Sauce, Wilhelm suggests serving white wine with these sauce-inspiring courses.

Though there has not yet been a high demand, Wilhelm mentioned she does have a vegan sauce recipe she can make for clients who are interested. Her alterations to the recipe compromise neither the taste nor the quality of her Cilantrocado Sauce.

Before Wilhelm became owner of The Lace Apron, she was unable to sell her sauce at a retail level. However, things have changed with her new café establishment. The Cilantrocado Sauce is available in three different sizes, the largest being a pint. Her patrons are enthusiastic that they can purchase this multi-use sauce. Be it a family dinner, an informal function or a formal affair, this cilantro sauce will be a sure pleaser at any event.

On festival day, shoppers can find Wilhelm’s Cilantrocado Sauce at The Lace Apron, 118 North Main Avenue. Those who visit the charming restaurant will also have the opportunity to view the winning entries in the Art of the Avocado competition.

For more information on The Lace Apron, please log on to or call (760) 723-1872.


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