RE: 'Actress hasn't bought Bed and Breakfast' - [Village News, 4/26/07]


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Excellent detective work on the part of the author. Kudos to her for uncovering what appears to be another Hollywood snow-job, in a place where we don’t even get rain! She obviously looked under the right rocks! Nicely written and well documented.

Bruce Schryver

Gasp! You mean reality TV isn’t really real? How shocked and dismayed we all must be.

Who amongst us really believed that Tori and Dean were giving up their Hollywood careers to move to Fallbrook and run a four-bedroom B&B, all the while filming the whole thing as their swan song? They leased with an option to buy; sounds like a smart move to me.

Other than the fact that the poor girl can’t figure out if she’s in Fallbrook or Temecula, I find the show and the controversy amusing.

Diane Strain


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