He is a real heart breaker


Last updated 5/24/2007 at Noon

Tall, thin with beautiful green eyes. He has a great personality, is sweet, affectionate, playful, talkative and has an ooh so independent streak.

He captivated me for five years and now he is gone. I have walked neighborhoods, handed out business cards, talked to everyone who has been willing to hear my story. I have hung posters with his picture and yet he is very elusive.

If you see him you will know it is him. He is not easy to forget. He is a Bangle cat and he is carrying a piece of my heart that I would love to have back in my life to feel complete again.

If you know anything about him or if you think you have seen him, please call 760-518-7806.

If you help me get him back, I will reward you a king’s ransom in gratitude.

Please refer to the ad in the 5/17/07 issue with his picture.

Leni Leth


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