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Your confidence not necessary


Last updated 6/28/2007 at Noon

Mr. Monday, we live in a country that is built and thrives on capitalism, which is an economic system based on private party and competition. We have all of the liberties, responsibilities, and pressures that go along with this form of economy. This includes cycles like the rising and falling prices of housing and gasoline.

Why are you so concerned with the earnings and taxes of our top one percent? It is really our business? Do you know what many of these people have accomplished and sacrificed while becoming a top once percent earner? Not only do many of them provide tons of jobs, but they donate considerable chunks to non-profit organizations and charities because of their benevolence. The money these people pay in taxes is an amount you or I could not imagine earning in a lifetime. And what do you mean they are taking income away from the rest of us? In what way do you feel entitled to their earned money?

Your socialistic solutions for what you perceive to be our problems in American economy give up our liberties to government to control our private property, business and industry. With that comes the loss of freedom.

If you study our American history, you will see this is one of the reasons why our founding fathers left Europe. Our inalienable rights are taken away when we seek the government as the solution to our problems. Instead of looking around and pointing fingers at what everybody else is doing with their business, and “crunching big numbers,” I ask you to look in your own life. How can you be of service to others? How can you be a part of the solution? How can you help the struggling?

If everyone began this way, a ripple effect of improvements would follow. With all of the countless blessings we receive, there is plenty to go around and more.

Leah Gerten


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