Thank you to Fallbrook friends of Tonda Haynes


Last updated 8/2/2007 at Noon

In May of 2000 my daughter, Tonda Haynes, 25, lost her 17-month battle with a brain tumor while living with us here in Fallbrook. We were relatively new residents and the people of Fallbrook wrapped their arms around us warmly.

A scholarship fund was subsequently started at Texas Tech University, where she had graduated in 1996. My husband, Chas Mudie, and two friends, Harvey Lee and Chuck Heincy, who called themselves “The Fallbrook Flyers,” rode the 100-mile Big Bear Bicycle for support for the scholarship in 2004. Our friends and family here and elsewhere were overwhelmingly generous and the scholarship is now an endowed scholarship that will forever be named after Tonda.

I would like to share a portion of the letter from the first scholarship recipient as a thank you to all who gave: “This scholarship will help realize my future dreams. My father has Parkinson’s disease and is disabled, while my mom is a teacher. Along with working every summer since I was 14 years old, they are doing their best to help pay for my college. With my dad’s medical problems, it is often difficult to come up with any extra funds for college. Your scholarship will assist me with much-needed money and offer me the opportunity to become an architect. Again, thank you very much for your generosity.”

AGAIN, I’d like to thank our wonderful Fallbrook friends for helping make this scholarship a reality that will be helping students in need in the future. It is a tribute not only to my daughter but to fine friends who are greatly appreciated.

People helping people… isn’t that what makes life so special? I believe that Tonda would be humbled and also very grateful. Thank you.

Beth Mudie


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