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After being in the industry for more than 40 years, Robert Bell is undeniably insurance savvy. Fresh out of college, Bell was hired on as an insurance adjuster.

“I needed a job,” said Bell. “It was a tough job, because I was trying to satisfy the claimant, the lawyer and my company. But it was sure nice helping people.”

Bell climbed up the insurance corporate ladder two steps at a time. He was an underwriter, sales manager, insurance company executive and was in charge of Transamerica Insurance Companies of Southern California. In 1983, he decided it was time to open up his own brick and mortar storefront in San Clemente.

A few years ago, Bell moved his office, ISU Insurance Services Robert Bell Brokers, Inc., to the quaint River Village Shopping Center in Bonsall, where he primarily deals in property, casualty and bond coverage. “We also do homeowners, automobile and commercial policies,” he said. In addition, Bell offers professional liability, employee benefits and workers’ compensation coverage. This office has numerous affiliations with high-end companies, such as Hartford, Safeco, Travelers, CSE, AIG and Allied.

To this day, Bell still believes that the biggest misconception regarding insurance is “finding the best deal.” He explains that people really need to be careful of their policies.

“We all want a good price, but you have to look and see what you get for that price,” he said. For example, a homeowners’ policy should be current with the actual value of a home. Sadly, some homeowners who lost their homes in the San Diego firestorms were underinsured. They did not have enough coverage to rebuild the kind of home that once stood.

“When you buy insurance, get the best value but still get the proper coverage and proper limits,” advised Bell.

Through ISU, Bell is licensed nationwide. He is an agent, a broker and a licensed excess surplus lines broker. Being independent allows Bell to provide a very personalized service for his clientele.

Bell and his associate, Michele McIver, are the two professionals who comprise this friendly firm. “We really are a throwback to old-time service,” he said.

When calling the office during business hours, rather than getting an impersonal recording reciting extensions, a live person actually answers. “It’s revolutionary!” said Bell with a big grin. It’s easy to see that he and McIver go the extra mile to give people the best product for their money.

When an individual comes into the office to inquire about insurance, Bell and McIver are pleased to sit down and take the time to listen to that person’s needs. This type of personalized attention is what sets them apart.

Bell prides himself in not charging any broker fees. “I’m too old to get rich,” he said, laughing.

Robert Bell obviously stays in the business because he enjoys the people and loves what he does.

For more information on ISU Insurance Services Robert Bell Brokers, Inc., call (760) 631-5191 or visit the office at 5256 South Mission Road, Suite 301, in Bonsall.


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