Admiring woodies and wagons


Last updated 8/16/2007 at Noon

This beautiful 1946 woody, owned by Cal McCollum, was on display at the Hot Summer Nights event Friday, August 10, when the evening was dedicated to “Woodies and Wagons.” Hot Summer Nights, sponsored by Connections Networking, will continue on August 31 with the annual Chili Cook-off.

The license plate of Cal McCollum’s 1946 auto is the key to the ID of this beautiful woody on display at Hot Summer Nights on August 10.

This fun 1920 Depot hack (Train Taxi) is owned and was restored by Keith Larson. When this car was new, a load of bread cost 10 cents and a gallon of gas, 13 cents. This was the forerunner to the station wagon!

It’s not a woody or a wagon, but this 310-horsepower Pantera DeTomaso was admired just the same. Clever license plate, too!

Admiring the cars and swapping stories made for a great summer evening.

Even boats can be woodies! This 1958 Mandella, built by Harlan Orrin of Fallbrook, is powered by a 1958 Oldsmobile engine and can do 70 mph!


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