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I say Wright is wrong


Last updated 8/16/2007 at Noon

I find it amusing that someone named Wright could be so wrong as she was in her most recent diatribe against Chris Fuller. Al Gore’s son being arrested for speeding, DUI, and drug possession is hardly the moral equivalence of underage drinking by the Bush girls. Gore was embarrassed because his son stole his thunder during the week he was trying to drum up support for his Global Warming Live Earth Concerts, which by the way were a big bust. It was the least watched program on television that night.

Her insinuation that President Bush stole the 2000 election is also wrong. President Bush won Florida by 537 votes and received 5 more Electoral Votes; he also won 9 more states than Al Gore. Several total vote recounts after the election showed Bush won Florida by an even larger margin.

It’s interesting that people like her think that the ‘quagmire’ in Iraq is President Bush’s fault. How about blaming the Islamic terrorists or the various insurgency groups in Iraq or the Iraqi government or the Iraqi army? Don’t you just love the “Blame America First” people? They are so predictable.

I don’t recall ever seeing President Bush “spitting on our Constitution.” If he did, I doubt the current Congress or the press would let him get away with it. I also do not recall President Bush making any “deals with China.” The Chinese are as appalled about the recent spate of bad products they exported as we are. They recently executed a high government official who was found to be corrupt.

Her accusations that the current administration has a disregard for the welfare of the American people and that President Bush is burning down our forests are just laughable. Also, she evidently has not noticed that most serious scientists have admitted that Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” overstated or misrepresented the facts about global warming.

I find it amazing that anyone living in such a beautiful place as Fallbrook can have so much hate in their heart and spew such venom towards their fellow Americans. She needs our prayers.

Bob Hahn


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