Might does not make right


Last updated 8/16/2007 at Noon

Michael Garson, a longtime “spin” doctor for the Bush dynasty, postulates a program of events which is laughable in its absurdity. He wants us to accept that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a “good” thing, and therefore, everything that the US has done since is justified. What arrogance! Since when has this country been granted the God-given right to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign country?

Let’s face it – Iraq posed no threat to the USA, and we have no justification for the invasion and occupation. The quicker we admit this tragic error, the better. Mr. Garson, however, cannot admit this basic fact and feels justified in planning more military actions against Syria and Iran as part of the grandiose Bush plan to rule the Middle East by force of arms!

We have been disliked by the Muslim world since 1948 – due to our one-sided support of Israel and neglect of Palestine (actually the victim in all this). That dislike has turned to hatred since that unprovoked attack on Iraq, and our threats against Syria and Iran. Where does it end? Wouldn’t it be better to admit our mistakes and begin a program of conciliation?

Might does not make right. Ask Hitler and Tojo.

Robert F. Green


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