RE: 'Fallbrook Design Review Board incompetent' [August 9, 2007]


Last updated 8/16/2007 at Noon

Having had experience presenting signage to the Design Review Board and having watched area businesses and non-profit charities struggle during this process I second the motion by Lloyd Reighley.

I have witnessed inconsistent decisions by this Board. In addition, when I asked a board member what guidelines she and the board used as a basis for approval she informed me that she was not familiar with the guidelines, but rather, relied on direction from the Chair.

The decisions by the board should follow specific guidelines not individual board member feelings or preferences. The guidelines should be known and understood by all board members.

Anyone who signs a lease with intent to open a business or applies for a business license for Fallbrook should be given a copy of the guidelines so they do not suffer loss of time and money when it comes to their signage.

Some businesses in Fallbrook have been forced to remove professionally designed and manufactured signage and sometimes forced to make changes in existing signage that has been displayed for months and possibly years and the costs can be difficult to bear.

Between the Design Review Board and TIF fees is it any wonder that it is so difficult to bring new business to our “Friendly Village.”

Rhonda Reinke


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