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Last updated 8/16/2007 at Noon

The more years I spend in the “Friendly Village” the more I’m amazed at a few small town peculiarities. In Fallbrook there are signage regulations in place, just as in any responsible town. Why is it that certain members of the community (Lloyd Reighley, DBA Rainbow Signs) assume that rules and regulations apply to everyone but them?

The struggle to make changes that enhance the quality of life for the majority of residents is fraught with some aggravation.

Regrettably there are always some individuals that feel the solution to their fiscal viability is simply to do as they see fit and ignore any code regulations. The issue in particular that must be recognized and respected, is that all outdoor signage comes under the parameters of the Fallbrook Planning Group prior to being installed. The guidelines are moderate and certainly not an infringement on any business.

What Mr. Reighley is suggesting is not only chaos, but ultimately very costly for his clients.

A vibrant, growing community is based on decisions that benefit the community at large and not just a select few.

J. D. Lorek


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