Lack of speed control in Fallbrook


Last updated 8/30/2007 at Noon

I am just so frustrated over the speeding situation. I know it is all over Fallbrook. I witness it every time I am out. On Main Avenue, on East Alvarado and Elder, pulling out from the local businesses with all the parked cars is just risky; you can’t see the cars coming on the street, but you know for sure if one is there it is coming fast.

The cars leaving the light heading south on Mission from Clemmens are like chickens through a busted fence, and then there is still the problem we live with all day and all night on Almond Street. I can’t financially afford to sue the area Sheriff’s Department or the county traffic department or the CHP; the only thing I can think to do is file some sort of official complaint against them for failing to provide us with the protection we need.

Does anyone out there in Village News’ readerland know how to go about this or perhaps have any other suggestion we could follow? This past month I have seen three different pickup trucks backing up and down almost the full length of the street, driving in reverse in excess of 25 mph. Just add those idiots to the regular batch of speeders and we have a recipe for disaster.

Even school buses often exceed the limit by as much as 20 mph. These are not residents of Almond Street; they are visitors or are just passing through.

Recently, a neighbor’s motor home was hit. It was parked in front of their home but well off the street. This makes the sixth vehicle that I am aware of.

With kids walking to school bus stops and others having to walk where there are no sidewalks, it is just a matter of time until we have another fatality.

Ann Harter


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