What it means at lose the American Dream [Re: 'Our congressman has lost the American Dream,' 9/13/07]


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Let us begin with the “economic reasons” people come to this country. Our founding fathers came here to create a free enterprise system with limited government, leaving King George III and his noose-tight control behind. They came here not to be a beneficiary of a better life but to make one.

Let us not forget the principles that began and will keep our country free. Losing the American Dream is occurring as a result of forgetting this, compromising our liberties and seeking the government to take care of our personal needs.

It is ironic, Mr. Crews, that you use the term “self-government” to describe our dream and deem socialized medicine as a part of this. Self-government is limited where the control is bottom up. National healthcare is control from the top down where the government has jurisdiction over our health and access to control the masses.

Expecting the government to handle our personal affairs will result in a continued decline of living standards. Other governments that “take care” of their people’s needs do not have people jumping hoops to become a part of their system. Why? Because God ordained and inalienable freedoms have been choked. If people continue to ascribe to your worldview, we will quickly join their forces.

Limited government is no longer and we now have presidential candidates who want to mandate screenings for prostate cancer. What system has to be set up to make sure we get that checked? (And remember who pays for that.)

How can there be room for freewill and charity to help those in need when we are mandated to pay skyrocket taxes? The bureaucratic elites are having their way, the herd is following unchecked and our freedoms are being chipped away as everyone sits in front of their widescreens.

When the responsibilities are transferred from the individual, family and church to the almighty government, this, my fellow Americans, is where we may lose the American Dream.

Leah Gerten


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