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My granddaughter fought in Afghanistan on the flight deck of the USS Roosevelt and was an MP at Gitmo. My grandson fought his way from Kuwait to Baghdad and helped tear down Saddam’s statue. Our wonderful military is defending our freedoms, including free speech, which at times allows some people to make foolish statements.

How dare Joe Crews denigrate their service by calling Iraq “Bush’s War;” it’s our war, Joe. How dare Robert Green denigrate their service by claiming the war was based on lies and is a crime against humanity. How dare Jerry Sarnataro denigrate their service by claiming we invaded Iraq without moral or legal basis.

We invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein violated the terms of the cease-fire that ended the first Gulf War. He refused to allow UN weapons inspectors to do their jobs. To date, we have found over 700 rounds of weapons of mass destruction. We certainly had the moral and legal basis for invading Iraq. We had the approval of the UN via Resolution 1441 and of Congress.

It is laughable to call a harmless forum of concerned Americans. is a far left, anti-war group sponsored by George Soros that routinely smears people who disagree with them. Their most recent fiasco was their vicious ad in the New York Times about General Petraeus. At least Congress had the decency to formally denounce the ad.

President Bush vetoed the SCHIP legislation because it went too far. The program is supposed to help children from families that can’t afford private health insurance, but it would allow families making as much as $83,000 per year to receive aid. Thousands of children with private insurance would move into a government-run system.

It would be funded by increasing the cigarette tax. Only a Democrat could conceive of funding a program by increasing taxes on the people they are trying to help (two-thirds of smokers are in lower income brackets) while trying to get those same people to quit smoking.

Then again, only Democrats would view Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” as justification to foist socialized medicine on us.

Bob Hahn


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