War for oil


Last updated 10/18/2007 at Noon

Most liberals are fond of claiming the war in Iraq is “all about oil” – as though that’s a bad reason to be involved in the Middle East! Let’s assume they’re right and ask the obvious question, “Why are we so interested in oil?”

Could it be because our economy is dependent on the consumption of oil? If we don’t protect our oil interests, our economy will suffer severely, along with most of the rest of the world’s economies, resulting in worldwide suffering. For the astute, it’s clear that there are many ways in which a nation must protect itself and its people – other than the threat of imminent physical harm or death.

Now, we find ourselves in the odd predicament of being dependent on our enemies – not because we want to be enemies, but because of their intolerance to things non-Muslim. In fact, we are co-dependent – their hope for prosperity is dependent on the value of their oil to the rest of the world.

If we abandon the Middle East to the fanaticism of Islamic Fascism, we will dramatically increase our vulnerability to it. Islamic Fascists have reiterated time and again their desire and the anti-war element in the US, they could actually succeed. The terrorists arms are figuratively linked with those Americans who don’t appreciate the real stakes, but if they prevail, the heads of “arm-linkers” won’t be any more secure on their shoulders than (will the heads of) any other non-Muslims!

A grim reality apparently missed by the anti-war crowd – Islamic Fascists will want to rid the world of the anti-war proponents’ most loyal adherents – gays, media messages (porn and political freedom) and influential women – first!

Adding to the irony, the very same people who are distraught about “war for oil” are the ones who have worked tirelessly to hamstring domestic oil production with excessive and draconian environmental regulations – making the US so dependent on Islamic regimes.

Margot Holman


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