War was based on distortions of intelligence


Last updated 10/18/2007 at Noon

Bob Hahn’s grandchildren deserve our thanks and respect for their military service. Bob is one of the few remaining Americans believing Bush’s war is about ceasefire or WMD. The Pentagon admits zero were uncovered, not seven hundred.

Bob doesn’t believe that report. “W” denigrated our troops at a press conference: “I don’t know where they are, none here, none over there…” That was despicable.

Bob cannot accept the war was based on distortions of intelligence and lies and planned long before “W” took office.

The cost of SCHIP pales in comparison to the cost of this immoral war. Bush is supposed to be Christian; he should be interested in the least of us, the lower class, not the upper class, who he gave tax cuts.

If Bob really loves his military grandchildren, he should look up the voting record of all our congressmen concerning benefits to veterans and active military. All Democratic congressmen get grades of ‘A,’ Republicans fail miserably in “yes” votes for providing healthcare, rest, benefits and armament for our troops. Check it out on VFW and Armed Services Web sites. That might stop him from following the Bush righties off the cliff like lemmings.

Jerry Sarnataro


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