Few arrests required during fire emergency


Last updated 10/25/2007 at Noon

Unlike many other communities affected by fire, Fallbrook has fared well in a law enforcement sense while in a state of emergency since Monday, October 22.

“We have had to make only a few arrests,” said Deputy Alan Walbridge. Walbridge confirmed that Fallbrook has not had the level of problem with looters that has occurred in some other areas.

Sheriff’s deputies and troops from the U.S. Army National Guard have been patrolling the streets of Fallbrook regularly to ensure that property crimes are not becoming an issue. Individuals traveling the roadways have been subjected to stops by the law enforcement personnel requesting proof of residency and reasons for being in a given area.

“I am here helping out at my mother’s property and a friend’s house,” said one 30-year old man. “I’ve been stopped on the road three times in less than one hour and had to show identification. They took down my name and all my information.”

“Overall, things are going very well,” Deputy Tim Anderson said. “They key to this has been the fact that we were provided with a lot of help early on so we could really get a handle on the community since everyone was being evacuated.”

Anderson went on to say that the residents that stayed behind, after the evacuation order, have been helpful to officers by calling the station if they spot new fire activity or unfamiliar individuals in their areas.


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