Lacrosse article was one-sided


Last updated 11/1/2007 at Noon

While we are a small town, I would hope that we would be held to the same ethical standards as any publication. I was appalled at the

absolutely one-sided portrayal of a man, a coach and an educator that this publication so clearly slandered [Village News, October 11].

It is unbelievable that you would print the petty comments of a

select group of parents while never addressing the other parents and

family of approximately 55 kids who where involved in the lacrosse club at Fallbrook High. Yes, this is a club sport, not even sanctioned by the school as a sport as of 2007.

This coach has committed his time, including weekends, evenings

and holidays, to coach these kids.

The Mohawk Lacrosse Club you referred to is an off-campus club

similar to other sports clubs that help to sharpen children’s lacrosse skills in the off-season.

At the very least, you owe Coach Schoffstall an opportunity to voice

his side of the story and those people who would like to express their

opinion and support of this coach and his efforts.

Rick and Claudia Morris


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