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I am not aware that America participated in WWI.

My father, a Scot, served in WWI and lost a lung due to poisonous gases.

I served in WWII. I enlisted in the Navy and served on a minesweeper, which on D-Day participated in the high casualty landing of American troops at France’s Cherbourg Peninsula.

It is obvious Mr. Monday has never been involved in a kill-or-be-killed military war and is a shameful ultra-liberal Democrat.

Our “enlisted” Marines are youngsters just out of high school averaging in age from 19 to 24. They are not battle-hardened veterans.

I previously mentioned two American murdered soldiers killed by two Iraqis they were training. These Iraqis have never been tried for murder in Iraq.

Iraqis are cowards who hide behind women and children and wear no uniforms; men disguise themselves as women by wearing burqas, take no POWs and torture and decapitate their prisoners.

In Fallujah, our Marines found an Iraqi woman disemboweled with both arms and both legs cut off. Iraqis deliberately kill Iraqi women and children over religious differences. They are not human beings; they are animals, or followers of Satan.

America could finish this war in three weeks by using its military might but disgusting people like Monday (his fair game statement) favor the beastly Iraqis over America’s heroic military warriors.

America’s warriors try to survive while not knowing who the enemy is; anyone walking along the street could kill them. President Bush, the Pentagon generals and General Mattis use our heroic warriors as road kill to appease Iraqi politicians.

Cut the garbage, Monday – America lost the Vietnam War with about 50,000 American deaths and the Korean War with about 60,000 deaths. Will America ever learn?

Archie McPhee


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