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Last updated 11/9/2007 at Noon

SAN DIEGO- When Fallbrook contractor Jay Tull, of TNT Builders Inc., visited the Department of Planning and Land Use (DPLU) on Ruffin Road in San Diego last week, he witnessed an interesting site – the county building chief jumping atop a desk to address the crowd of fire victims that had filled the office in search of information.

Tull, with 30 years of experience and his design team already in place, had arrived early that morning at the county office to see what entitlements were available to fire victims, after already being contacted by some Fallbrook residents who had lost their homes.

“The office was fuller than I’ve ever seen it and people appeared to be getting frustrated at trying to find their way through the process,” Tull said. “I was amazed when the chief [Darren Gretler] jumped up on a desk and apologized to the room full of people, explaining that the County had closed its San Marcos and El Cajon offices, creating a larger crowd in San Diego. He said if the crowd would be patient, he would answer everyone’s questions they had.”

Tull, with 30 years of experience in the industry, said he personally thought the process went very smoothly and was pleased to have accomplished everything he needed for his clients in the visit.


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