Thinking before speaking prevents arrogance


Last updated 11/15/2007 at Noon

Strangely enough our Village Newspaper is becoming inundated with more and more “left wing” loons and generally very liberal people who eagerly write on a weekly basis to share their distorted opinions with the people of our town. Whether the topics be about American foreign policy, SCHIP, healthcare, oil, Congress, etc, it’s pretty evident that these topics when being presented upon by the far left people are always found to have some kind of falsehood laced within it in order to pull the wool over someone else’s eyes. Their statements either leave out important facts or are just full of lies. When people like myself write back contradicting them, it makes these liberal people look very full of arrogance and ignorance. I have yet to find the answer to why they keep spewing their erroneous and fallacious letters.

Being that this is a very blue state, there are most certainly a lot of Hillary supporters somewhere in the crowd. She is the only democrat with any fighting chance to win the general election and if elected would surely ruin our country and transform it into a European country. If you thought our spending was out of control now, she would bring it to a new level. She said, “I have a million ideas; America cannot afford them all.”

Hillary care, more like Hillary Scare, would amount to tremendous debt and poor healthcare. Above all she is a double talking, flip-flopper that cannot answer straight questions. I wonder why her essay at Wellesley College and other numerous Clinton documents are having such a difficult time being released. Hillary once hired an army of private detectives to trace down the women her husband was involved with not to divorce him, not to reform him, not to catch him, but to blackmail the women into silence so he could get elected president. Do you want that person controlling the FBI, CIA, IRS, DEA, and NSA? If you must know, I have chosen to be a proud Fred Thompson supporter because I’m a true Reagan conservative!

David Meyers


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