'After the Ashes' raises money for fire victims


Last updated 11/21/2007 at Noon

Pat Mackey gets a haircut from Annie Odom during the Cut-a-Thon held as part of the “After the Ashes” fundraiser for local fire victims on Sunday, November 18, in downtown Fallbrook. The event was also beneficial to downtown merchants, many of whom donated 25 percent of their sales that day to the cause.

The drummer with the band Friends of Larry sported a colorful hat for the charitable occasion. Numerous live bands donated their time to the ‘After the Ashes’ cause. Approximately 5,000 people attended the event. Organizers say they expect that the goal to raise $100,000 was met.

Lily Mahoney, 2 ½, gets a ride through the crowd at the fundraiser.

Best friends Maura Button (left), Carl Slabick (center back), Kathy Slabick (right) and Bob Button (center front) enjoy a glass of wine at the event to help victims of the Rice Canyon Fire.

Kim Nelson paints Gisele’s nails a bright pink at the pet grooming area that was set up to raise money at the event.

Sherri Trombetta gives a massage to a donor at the event.

Emma Biland dances to the beat of the live music.

Julie Edwards serves as the auctioneer onstage at “After the Ashes.”


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