Art from the Ashes


Last updated 11/29/2007 at Noon

FALLBROOK — While working with Samaritan’s Purse, Sharon Stika was sifting through the rubble of a local fire victim’s home that had been totally consumed in the Rice Canyon Fire. Surprisingly, she found some artifacts that remained with the message of usefulness: allow local artists to create works of art out of the ashes and sell them to benefit those who experienced loss due to the recent fire.

This idea is circulating amongst the art community of Fallbrook and has been accepted with great enthusiasm.

One of the ideas is to collect aluminum and other metals that can be melted and cast into sculptures.

Another is to create a memorial sculpture using objects that survived the fire. This sculpture would be permanently displayed in a prominent location.

As several home owners have given their permission to remove items from their property, an accumulation of metals, ceramics, melted and charred objects are being gathered and stored.

Artists will be permitted to take from storage those objects that inspire their creativity. For this to be achieved, the art community asks for those who have lost property to give permission to collect metal, colorful pieces of pottery and interesting objects.

Those who would like to arrange for materials to be collected, or artists who are moved by the theme and wish to participate, may contact Sharon Stika at (760) 519-0361 or (760) 728-0181.


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