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The misinformation in the letters of Jon Monday and Joe H. Crews is amazing. There is always an element of truth which is necessary for propaganda!

The conventional wisdom before the Iraq war was that Saddam had WMDs. This was not something that President Bush made up. Most of the saintly Democrats accepted that as being so.

Rational people do not continue to rant about things that are past and cannot be changed. They assess the current situation, consider all possible actions and present their arguments for why the action they choose is the better procedure going forward.

To just pack up and leave is one option. Staying until the Iraqi government is strong enough to manage the country is another. What are the consequences of each?

And to dismiss the importance of oil to the modern world (not just the US) is naive at best. Imagine what would occur if the oil spigot was shut off completely tomorrow!

Mexican Carlos Slim was able to accumulate his vast fortune because of government monopoly protection. Mexico will continue to be a second-rate country until they get rid of the oligarchs and open up the economy to free markets.

The $45.5 trillion of worldwide credit is simply an indication of the size of the global economy. What is at risk is the small debt (0.1 percent of that total) which is attributed to the subprime mortgages created during the recent housing boom.

That needs to be allowed to clear in the normal way and let those who made bad choices (particularly the large corporations that bought baskets of these mortgages) take their licking.

And FDR did a poor job of getting us out of the Great Depression, unless he is credited with getting us into WWII. That was what brought full employment!

Constant ranting against the rich is an indication of jealousy, it seems to me.

Merry Christmas!

Glen Holzhausen


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