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The attendees of the Fallbrook Citizens’ Crime Prevention meeting on January 29 at Zion Lutheran Church seemed to experience a special bond with Mr. Phillip Hubbs, executive director and founder of Proactive Network Against Substance Abuse (PRONASA).

His ability to connect and captivate the audience, while promoting his message on drug abuse by teens, was astonishing. In six years of crime prevention meetings, I have never witnessed such skill and bonding with the audience by a speaker. There was a definite kinship of souls and a responsibility demonstrated from the public to carry his message forward to others in the community.

The audience verbally expressed that they didn’t want to see him leave and inquired if he could come back. The public felt the need to have him continue, which reflects that they shared his passion and commitment to help save children’s lives.

Mr. Hubbs spoke first from the heart, as a father of two teenagers, and second as a 30-year police officer who has seen and experienced the worst of society.

Tom Rogers, representative of Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, thanked me for bringing an excellent speaker and knowledgeable veteran on substance abuse to help parents and youngsters in our communities of Fallbrook, Bonsall and Rainbow.

Mr. Hubbs helped all of us understand the seriousness of this escalating problem and how to recognize the signs of drug use in children.

Thanks to the people who attended this meeting, we have the ability to help plant seeds of wisdom for others and grow a forest of knowledge about how to prevent drug abuse with teens in our community.

Due to Phillip Hubbs’ dedication and commitment as a spokesman on drug abuse for youth, he has helped save so many young lives that will possibly, in the future, contribute in a positive way to our communities, state and nation.

Pat Braendel


Fallbrook Citizens’ Crime Prevention Committee


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