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This country could use a monarchy


Last updated 2/28/2008 at Noon

Previously, monarchs exercised their God-given right to govern, making policy decisions, especially where war and taxes were concerned.

Now, Western monarchies are largely ceremonial, living flags, in effect, embodying the spirit of the national values and domestic life, with a black sheep thrown into the family drama every now and then to show the common folk how non-ideal family members are ideally dealt with.

Our American royals could throw out first pitches, get fired up about steroid use and media morals, have pageant weddings, receive foreign royalty, go to the correct church the correct number of times per month, call for command performances by “American Idol” contestants, make the Super Bowl congratulations calls, set women’s fashion, light the trees and hide the eggs – in short, warm our collective hearts, make us feel good about ourselves and point the way for us as living inspirational Americana.

This would free the American President to do the hard work of governing, but even more importantly, it would free the American electorate to decide their votes with the necessary sobriety, realizing they are choosing someone to fill one of the hardest jobs in the world.

How many more times will we be burned by our herd-mentality feel-good voting practices? Who among us makes our own hiring decisions as whimsically as we choose our presidents?

If I need a nanny or a dentist, I’m not choosing the one I’d most like to have a beer with. If I need a brain surgeon or a plumber, I’m not hiring the one who makes me feel good about myself and being an American. I want to know that my accountant knows more than I do about accounting.

I’m not put at ease by empty self-confidence in a job applicant. I’m looking at qualifications, interests and history. Why do we choose presidents as though we’re selecting the prom king?

Anna Monday


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