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How to save the US


Last updated 3/6/2008 at Noon

As an old-time Republican, here’s how I see us saving the US from a trip down the toilet!

First, secure our borders now and halt all incoming immigration for 20 years. After that – we can take another look.

Second, place a very restrictive tariff on all imported goods, thereby recreating our own manufacturing, electronic, clothing industries.

Third, immediately start construction of new nuclear and other “clean” technology power generating plants. Become independent of foreign oil and “dirty” coal used for this purpose within eight years.

Fourth, end all foreign military aid and use the millions saved to repair our tattered infrastructure. Along with this, cancel all foreign treaties which require positioning of US troops overseas, (e.g. Korea, Okinawa, Turkey, Germany, Great Britain). Use the billions saved to begin paying down on the obscene foreign debt we have incurred.

Fifth, create a national health system and eliminate our dependence upon the huge medical insurance industry that is sucking the life out of all of us. Further, make the medical profession a “servant of the people” instead of the money-crazy monolith it has become. Provide affordable prescription drugs to all by means of government purchasing authority.

Sixth, eliminate all “earmarks” and “pork” from our political system. Use money saved for education.

Seventh, begin term limits for all levels of elected officials and prohibit the practice of “lobbying.” Y’know, smaller government, no foreign entanglements, pay-as-you-go economics and concern for our fellowmen, are all tried and true Republican principles.

Robert F. Green


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