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Allen Shallahamer of Willis Allen Real Estate

Allen Shallahamer, a real estate professional with Willis Allen Real Estate, brings to the firm something rather distinguishable.

His impressive, well-rounded background in operating his own past businesses and performing ongoing negotiations has indisputably given him an added level of expertise as a Realtor.

His experience as a mortgage broker has also been advantageous in the industry.

“When I got my first real estate license in 1996, I worked for a mortgage broker in Vista,” said Shallahamer. “A real wonderful guy owned the company.”

Following a few years at this mortgage lending firm, Shallahamer stepped into a Realtor role at another company.

“I thought I’d give it a try,” he said.

After testing the real estate waters, Shallahamer said he found a great niche.

Before arriving at Willis Allen, Shallahamer’s performance at his previous real estate office was beyond excellent.

For two years, on a nationwide level, Shallahamer earned a distinguished award only given to the top two percent of agents.

His transition to Willis Allen has been a combination of smooth and excellent.

“The reputation of the Willis Allen company is exceptional; our agents are honorable and our branch manager, Kristine Creed, is very special,” said Shallahamer. “I like to be around the people in this office.”

Shallahamer considers himself skilled in negotiation, an art he learned and improved in throughout the years.

He fine-tuned this talent while attending a graduate program geared toward management: the Executive Program at UCLA.

In the real estate world, Shallahamer is extremely comfortable in negotiating.

“As a skilled negotiator you can get the best possible terms for your client,” said Shallahamer.

Whether it’s a sales price, sharing closing costs or paying for improvements after a home inspection, negotiating all terms is critical.

“In negotiating, I am always fair,” he said. “I’m not one of those tough negotiators who are abrasive and unrealistic in what I expect others to do.”

After being in the business for a while, Shallahamer has learned what it takes to be a good agent.

In Realtor circles, he said, you have to know the market, understand competitive pricing, have great people skills and always work in the client’s best interest.

“And you have to be technically competent,” added Shallahamer. “And agents really should be Internet savvy.”

Advanced technology has played an important role in the real estate industry and remains a constant learning process.

Abiding by sterling business practices, Shallahamer verifies he has never been involved in any mediation or arbitration.

“I’ve never been hauled into court for anything; I haven’t even had a traffic ticket in 50 years,” he said, laughing.

Real estate transactions, said Shallahamer, can sometimes be stressful for a client.

It is his job, he said, to make it move forward as smoothly as possible. “I do my best by helping my clients through this process.”

Shallahamer’s Web site can be viewed at He can be contacted by phone at (760) 802-6740.


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