Slow down, Fallbrook


Last updated 3/13/2008 at Noon

As a recent (approximately five years) addition to this town, I must express my disgust with the way our residents and neighbors are driving. For a town you could ride a bike across in less than 20 minutes, there is no excuse for everyone to be in such a hurry.

And let me clarify, it’s not just the kids or any one sect of people. I’m talking about everyone from teens to 40-something soccer moms to the elderly.

I feel compelled to write this after seeing the rollover accident on Mission Road last week.

People, if you’re in that big of a hurry, then you need to leave for your destination earlier!

What will it take to slow you people down? God forbid, the death of a child – is that what it will take for you people to wake up and slow down?

Rex Oyler


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