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POTUS taxis to the dark side


Last updated 3/20/2008 at Noon

First, Rumsfeld said we do not torture. Then Bush said we absolutely do not torture, but he had the Constitutional right to torture.

Then Gonzales said we do not waterboard but, if we did, waterboarding is not painful, but he cannot recall. Then Dick Cheney said waterboarding was necessary, the right thing to do and a pleasurable experience.

After Attorney General Michael Mukasey declared waterboarding legal, Michael Hayden admitted we had actually waterboarded, but we stopped it when it became illegal, but that it was legal when we did it. Hayden also assured Congress that waterboarding became painful only after it became illegal.

Now the military says confessions obtained by torture are admissible, but the prisoners have a right to remain silent in court – a right they apparently had when they were being tortured.

Now McCain says all torture, including waterboarding, is reprehensible and immoral, but war is not. War is so good, in fact, he proposes 100 years of it to improve the economy of the nation.

We are a nation of laws. The president makes the law and the president breaks the law. Heil to King POTUS, immaculate, perfect and omnipotent.

Just you wait until Queen Hillary takes the throne. Perhaps she will throw the ex-king into the tower and confirm to him that torture does not really hurt all that bad.

She can hang Cheney by his thumbs and titillate him with the exquisite pleasures of the Chinese water torture. He will be delighted.

And Hillary can greatly improve Alberto Gonzales’ memory with the right motivational stimulation. Long live the Queen!

You see, dear subjects, King Bush established the right of the king to torture, and with succession to the throne by Queen Hillary went the right to torture whomever she so pleases.

Aren’t you glad Mr. Bush was not impeached? Otherwise the divine right to torture would have expired.

Joe Howard Crews


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