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Last updated 5/1/2008 at Noon

Most newspapers, and editorial staff, often take a hit from those irate readers who take exception to policies expressed or letters printed. Whatever the criticism, however, take heart, you toilers in the newspaper industry – it could be far worse!

I quote from Charles Dickens’ masterpiece “The Pickwick Papers:”

“Your newspaper, Sir, is still dragging on a wretched and lingering career. Abhorred and despised by even the few who are cognizant of its miserable and disgraceful existence; stifled by the very filth it so profusely scatters; rendered deaf and blind by exhaltations of its own slime; the obscene journal, happily unaware of its degraded state, is rapidly sinking beneath the treacherous mud which, while it may seem to give it firm standing with the low and debased classes of society, is nevertheless, rising above its detested head, and will speedily engulf it forever!”

So you see, dear Editor – you ain’t heard nothing yet!

Robert F. Green


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