DeJong's letter shows ignorance


Last updated 5/15/2008 at Noon

In a 31 March ’08 letter to the North County Times, Mr. Pete DeJong of San Marcos berates the public for its ignorance of history – then exposes his own ignorance!

He says, “Mr. President Roosevelt declared war on Germany.” Not true! Roosevelt declared war on Japan, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, and then, Nazi Germany declared war on the United States. Check it out.

Overall, Mr. DeJong’s purpose appears to be to show that the death toll of Mr. Bush’s war on Iraq is minimal when compared to previous wars. Try telling that to the loved ones of those killed in Iraq – a completely unnecessary war!

Saddam Hussein had been rendered militarily impotent following the original Gulf War and was absolutely no threat to the USA. Saddam was not a nice man, we can all agree on that, but are we to preemptively strike all countries led by people we don’t like – Cuba, Serbia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Venezuela, to name a few.

Who gave us the moral right to be judge and jury for the whole world?

Mr. DeJong ends by quoting Mr. Bush at his absolute worst: “Stay the course!” Ugh!

Robert F. Green


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