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Darwin's theory of evolution (fairy tale)


Last updated 5/29/2008 at Noon

Darwin’s theory was sold to the public as a scientific fact, “Social Darwinism.” Viewing man as beast helped spread unprecedented cruelties that communism and Nazism used. Scientific facts have evolution making a hasty retreat: a single cell is too far complex to have formed by chance.

Certain biochemical systems such as blood clotting and the immune system are “irreducibly complex” – they consist of interdependent parts that cannot function in lesser stages, and thus cannot have evolved step-by-step. Random mutations which are evolution’s alleged building blocks, cause losses of genetic information, not gains.

On a cellular level, there is no evidence for the proclaimed evolutionary sequence “fish to amphibian to reptile to mammal.” As new data has emerged, evolutionists are fighting to prevent schools from openly discussing the weaknesses in Darwin’s theory – why are they afraid to discuss scientific facts? So much for freedom of inquiry and following where the evidence leads you.

Did you know that: the famous “ape to man” species chart is based on guesswork, not evidence. Intelligent design is based on scientific evidence, not religious belief. What many public schools teach about Darwinism is based on known falsehoods. Scientists at major universities see good evidence for intelligent design.

Mark Corcoran


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