Battery recycling program completes first year


Last updated 6/19/2008 at Noon

Amber Briggs, 2006 Miss Fallbrook, is an avid supporter of the battery recycling program created by Keep Fallbrook Clean and Green. She regularly brings her used batteries to the Albertson

FALLBROOK — Keep Fallbrook Clean and Green’s program for recycling household dry cell batteries recently completed its first full year of operation with resounding success. In the span of one year, the program recycled more than 6,300 pounds of household batteries. Every battery that is recycled protects the environment from the hazardous disintegration of these batteries.

The program consists of a curbside collection container in the parking lot at Fallbrook Public Utility District (FPUD) and smaller containers at Joe’s Hardware Store, Major Market, Albertson’s, Fresh and Easy and the Fallbrook Library. With additional funding, the program hopes to add containers at all the markets and drugstores in town.

The recycling of batteries, however, is expensive and is funded entirely by donations. The first year and a half of operations has been sponsored by three grants from the Angel Society of Fallbrook and one grant from the Rotary Club of Fallbrook. Thanks to these donors, the program has recycled a grand total of 10,500 pounds of household batteries.

To expand this operation, Keep Fallbrook Clean and Green will be initiating a community fundraising program to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and to enlist the support of local residents in this important, environmentally friendly program.

Residents are reminded that household batteries cannot be disposed of with regular trash because of their hazardous materials. Household batteries include Alkaline batteries (AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt); nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries (NiCads), button batteries (small, round, silver-colored, used in watches and hearing aids) and lithium batteries (AA, C, 9 volt and coin; used in computers and cameras).

Oversized batteries should be taken to FPUD’s parking lot and deposited in the bright green curbside container at 990 East Mission Road.

For more information, contact Anne Burdick of Keep Fallbrook Clean and Green at (760) 728-7828.


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