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Kent Borsch, a highly regarded financial advisor with Edward Jones, assists individuals in achieving their financial goals by helping them establish a plan and set attainable goals.

Having a savvy advisor help guide your financial future makes the process run more smoothly.

“At Edward Jones, we specialize in working with individuals and small business owners,” said Borsch, who is marking his tenth year at Edward Jones. “Most of my business is with retirees or pre-retirees.”

Although Edward Jones is not generally a financial firm that focuses on helping young people start investing, they do at times meet select young people through planning a small business retirement plan, such as a 401K.

“I am generally accessed by pre-retired people or retirees who are really serious about their money,” explained Borsch. “They don’t want to lose money and they want to know that they have enough money to last them their lifetime.”

That said, Borsch is extremely conscientious and proactive – not only getting his clients a return on their money but a return on their principal, too.

Edward Jones, known for its conservative methods, buys high quality investments and encourages clients to hold on to them as long as they can to reap the full benefit.

“You don’t want to sell them in depressed markets, like markets we have now,” explained Borsch. “Look at the market today as an opportunity to acquire good new assets, because high quality assets will come up when the market comes up.”

Speaking of the US economy, Borsch coins it “very slow.” Making predictions for the months ahead cannot be done, he said. But slow times, says Borsch, are natural and normal occurrences in the overall business cycle.

“Even though we can’t predict the future, we have to be prepared for it,” he said. Unquestionably, cycles of slow growth will occur and families will feel the crunch.

“We will get through this,” said Borsch. “Don’t panic; the world is not going to come to an end.”

According to Borsch, there are some ways people can better manage sluggish economic times by controlling things that are within their control.

For example, for the most part, one can curb and control personal spending habits. Overseeing and applying conservative investment tactics is also wise.

“Make sure you have sufficient liquidity and savings for paying bills and for emergencies,” said Borsch. “Be very cautious in your use of debt, because debt is debt and it has to be paid back along with the interest it accumulates.”

What Borsch finds most fulfilling about his line of work is meeting people and helping them build a solid financial future. He is well known for helping people outside the boundaries of his business as well.

Borsch calls being on the board of the Boys & Girls Club in Fallbrook a “passion.” Having already served two terms as president, he remains active on the board of this nonprofit organization.

“Kids are our future and there is such a need to provide a safe and productive environment for kids after school,” he said.

What Borsch loves most about children, he says, is their honesty and unpredictability. Kids instinctively know how to keep adults on their toes.

Borsch has been heavily involved in supporting a host of other organizations in the community, expressing his appreciation of the support people have given him throughout the years: “This community has opened their arms to me, has given me a lot, and I want to give back.”

Kent Borsch is glad to answer questions about investments or provide a complimentary Edward Jones financial analysis. He can be reached at (760) 941-2866 or [email protected]

The Edward Jones office is located at 5256 South Mission Road, Suite 807, Bonsall.

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