A nice guy: amiable, agreeable and accessible


Last updated 7/17/2008 at Noon

I set a high standard for the person who wants to represent me in Congress. He should be highly intelligent, articulate, responsible and well schooled in Constitutional law and government. Right now I am so disgusted with the person who purports to represent me and my friends that I would just settle for someone who is simply a nice guy.

Darrell Issa always seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He is certainly intelligent and half articulate, and that is about it. Rare is the person I know who has been able to gain access and have a personal conversation with Issa. How many town hall meetings has he held in Fallbrook in the last eight years?

I can tolerate a politician who is a little gruff and impatient, especially when he is driven to get important matters taken care of, but we are not getting any of this. So, I am ready to go with somebody, like Bob Hamilton, who I know is amiable, agreeable and accessible.

I’ve seen Bob get a little overwrought whenever he simply could not establish goodwill with an irrational person. At first I thought Bob was not thick-skinned enough, but I grew to understand he has a genuine desire to reach out to people of all parties and beliefs.

Bob Hamilton is an amiable fellow who likes people – and he listens. And that would be a real breath of fresh air for us in Congress.

Joe Howard Crews


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